Ramani Siromani

Sri Krishna, Ramani Siromani

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written a song “Ramani Siromani”. The Official Name for this song is Sri Radhikastakam Song 3. This song is taken from the book Gitavali. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says no materialist can begin to understand the relationship between Radhe and Sri Krishna. But the more we awaken our dormant love for God, which is natural state of being for a fully awakened soul, then the more we can comprehend and actually enter into such spiritual loving exchanges. Radhika loves to wear blue attire which is the colour of Shyamsundar. She is decorated with beautiful jewels. Nobody but Shrimati Radhey has the power to control Gopinath.
ramani-siromani,  brsabhanu-nandini,
chinna-purata jini’, varna-vikasini,
baddha-kabari hari-prana
abharana-mandita,  hari-rasa-pandita,
kanculikacchadita,  stana-mani-mandita,
kajjala-nayani rasala
sakala tyajiya se radha-carane
dasi ho’ye bhaja parama-jatane
saundarya-kirana dekhiya jańhar
rati-gauri-lila garva-parihar
saci-laksmi-satya saubhagya bolane
parajita hoy jańhara carane
krsna-vasikare candravali-adi
parajay mane hoiya vivadi
hari-dayita radha-carana prayasi
bhakativinoda sri-godruma-basi
(1) The beloved daughter of King Vrsabhanu is the crest-jewel of all young women. She is fond of wearing blue garments. Her radiant complexion is very pleasing and conquers the beauty of freshly cut gold, Her locks of hair are nicely arranged, and She is the life and soul of Lord Krsna.
(2) She is artfully adorned with jewels, She is very learned in the science of Hari-rasa, and Her forehead is nicely decorated with tilaka. Her breasts are covered with a beautiful corset and adorned with valuable gems, and Her eyes are anointed with black collyrium. Thus She appears to be relishable sweetness personified.
(3) Giving up everything and becoming a maidservant at the lotus feet of Radha, just worship and serve Her with great care and attention.
(4) Beholding Her effulgent rays of pure beauty, the goddesses Rati, Gauri, and Lila abandon all their pride.
(5) The good fortune attributed to the goddesses saci, Laksmi, and Satya is completely defeated in the presence of Radha's feet.
(6) The group of rival gopis led by Candravali is forced to accept their defeat before Srimati Radharani, for She alone controls Krsna. Thus they always sulk and simply remain quarrelsome.
(7) Bhaktivinoda, a resident of Sri Godruma, always endeavors for the lotus feet of Radha, the most beloved of Lord Hari.