Virajar Pare Suddha Paravyoma Dhama

Hari Govinda,  Bhaktivinod Thakur, Virajar Pare Suddha Paravyoma Dhama

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Virajar Pare Suddha Paravyoma Dhama”. The Official Name for this song is Sri Radhikastakam Song 2. This song is taken from the book Gitavali. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that Goluka is above Vaikuntha. It is the resident of Sri Radhe and Krishna. The transcendental goddess Shree Radhe is the direct counterpart of Sri Krishna. In this song Krsna is referred as the king of the trees and Srimati Radharani is compared as the golden creeper. Both of Them cannot resist each other and always accompany each other. As Lord Krishna enchants the world with His beauty and charm, Sri Radha enchants Him.
virajar pare suddha-paravyoma-dham
tad upari sri-gokula-brndaranya nam
brndabana cintamani, cid-ananda-ratna-khani,
cinmoy apurva-darasan
tahi majhe camatkar,  krsna vanaspati sar,
nila-mani tamala jemon
tahe eka svarna-mayi,  lata sarva-dhama-jayi,
uthiyache parama-pavana
hladini-saktir sar,  `mahabhava’ nam jar,
radha-name paricita,  tusiya govinda-cita,
virajaye parama anande
sei lata-patra-phul,  lalitadi sakhi-kul,
sabe mili’ vrkse drdha bandhe
latar parase praphulla tamal
lata chadi’ nahi rahe kono kal
tamala chadiya lata nahi vance
se lata milan sada-kala yace
bhakativinoda milan dohar
na cahe kakhona vina kichu ar
(1) Beyond the Viraja River lies the pure spiritual sky, and above that Vaikuntha realm lies the divine abode known as Sri Goloka Vrndavana.
(2) The land of Vrndavana is made of spiritual gems and is therefore likened to a mine of fully cognizant and blissful jewels. This transcendentally conscious realm is certainly a wonderful and extraordinary sight. Within that abode does the most astonishing presence of Lord Krsna, who is compared to a tamal tree, the king of trees possess the hue of a dark sapphire.
(3) Entwined upon that blackish tree a beautiful golden creeper has arisen, who is the conqueror of all realms, being the supreme purifier. Her name is Mahabhava, being the essence of the supreme pleasure-giving hladini potency. She is the enchantress of Sri Krsna, who is Himself the enchanter of the three worlds.
(4) Known by the name of Radha, She remains shining there in great ecstasy, always engaged in satisfying Govinda's heart. The leaves and flowers of that creeper form the assembly of Hergirlfriends headed by Lalita. Together She and all Her friends entwine that blackish tree in a tight embrace.
(5) At the touch of this creeper, the tamal tree blooms; without the embrace of the creeper, He can no longer exist.
(6) The creeper never desires to leave the company of the tamal tree; the creeper perpetually craves Their union.
(7) Other than the meeting of these two, Bhaktivinoda desires nothing, but nothing else.