Amar Bolite Prabhu

Amar Bolite Prabhu ,Krishna the lord

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Amar Bolite Prabhu”. The official name of this song is “Atma-Nivedana Song 5”. This song is taken from the book Sarangati. Bhaktivinoda Saraswati Thakura says nobody in this material world is our true relatives. Our actual relationship is only with Krishna the Lord of the universe.
`amara’ bolite prabhu! are kichu nai
tumi-i amara matra pita-bandhu-bhai
bandhu, dara, suta, suta—tava dasi das
sei to’ sambandhe sabe amara prayas
dhana, jana, grha, dara `tomara’ boliya
rakha kori ami matro sevaka hoiya
tomara karyera tore uparjibo dhan
tomara saḿsare-vyaya koribo vahan
bhalo-manda nahi jani seva matro kori
tomara saḿsare ami visaya-prahari
tomara icchaya mora indriya-calana
sravana, darsana, ghrana, bhojana-vasana
nija-sukha lagi’ kichu nahi kori ar
bhakativinoda bole, tava sukha-sar
(1) Nothing remains “mine”. Father, friend, brother — You are even these to me.
(2) Those whom I called friends, wife, sons, and daughters are all Your servants and maidservants. Whatever care I take for them is only as it relates to You.
(3) If I continue to maintain my wealth, family members, home, and wife, it is because they are Yours. I am a mere servant.
(4) For Your service I will earn money and bear the expense of Your household.
(5)  I know neither good nor bad. I merely serve. I am but a watchman who guards the properties in Your household.
(6) The exercising of my senses — hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching — is done according to Your desire.
(7) I no longer do anything for my own pleasure. Bhakativinoda says, “Your happiness is the essence of everything”.