Gopa Vismapana Krida Bala

Gopa Vismapana Krida Bala, Sri Krsna

Sanatana Goswami has written this song “Gopa Vismapana Krida Bala”. The official name of this song is Obeisance 29 Verse 114 to 117. This song is taken from the book Krsna Lila Stava. In this song, Sanatana Goswami describes some of the childhood activities of Sri Krsna.

gopa-vismāpana-krīḍa bāla-sańkathitehita
sambhrānta-nanda-sandṛṣṭa smitabhinnauṣṭa-sampuṭa
patitārjuna-madhyastha maholūkhala-karṣaka
go-pāśāli-lasan-madhya nanda-mocita-bandhana
sva-bhakta-vaśyatā-darśin ballavī-stobha-nartita
bālakodgīti-nirata bāhu-kṣepa-manorama
gopy-ājñā-dhṛta-pīṭhāde navanītārthanā-paṭo
vraja-moha-kara-krīḍā-sudhā-sindho namo’stu te

(1) O Krsna, when the children described that You had caused (the two trees to fall), the cowherd men because greatly amazed. A bewildered Nanda Maharaja gazed at You as a smile broke forth upon Your lips.
(2) O Krsna, having pulled the grinding mortar, You remained among the fallen yamala-arjuna trees. Nanda Maharaja untied the rope used for tying cows which had boundYour splendid waist.
(3) O Krsna, in order to show how You submissively accept the dominion of Your devotees, You danced, following the encouragement of the gopis. You jubilantly and intently sang in a childish voice, at their bidding and charmingly struck Your arms to Your chest (to show Your strength). In this way You enchanted the minds of inhabitants of Vraja.
(4) O Krsna, following the orders of Mother Yasoda and the other gopis, You would carry the wooden bench and other articles. You expertly begged for sweets cooked in butter, and the ocean of nectar of Your pastimes charmed the residents of Vrajabhumi. O Lord. I offer respectful obeisances unto You.