Yoga Pithopari Sthita

Bhaktivinod Thakur, Sri Krishna and Radha, Yoga Pithopari Sthita

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Yoga Pithopari Sthitaā€¯. The Official Name for this song is Siksastakam Song 8 Part 2. This song is taken from the book Gitavali. Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes the sweet pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and the Gopis. He says its because of these great sakhis only he got the opportunity to serve Sri Krishna and Radha. Hence kindly plead the sakhis for their mercy to serve the lotus feet of Shree Radhey and Krsna
yoga-pithopari-sthita,  asta-sakhi-suvestita,
brndaranye kadamba-kanane
radha-saha vamsi-dhari,  visva-jana-citta-hari,
prana mor tanhara carane
sakhi-ajna-mata kori donhara sevan
palya-dasi sada bhavi donhara caran
kabhu krpa kori,  mama hasta dhori’,
madhura vacana bole
tambula loiya,  khay dui jane,
mala loya kutuhale
adarsana hoy kakhon ki chale
na dekhiya donhe hiya jwale
jekhane sekhane,  thakuka du’jane,
ami to’ carana-dasi
milane ananda,  virahe jatana,
sakala samana basi
radha-krsna prana mor jivane marane
more rakhi’ mari’ sukhe thakuka du’jane
bhakativinoda,  ana nahi jane,
podi’ nija-sakhi-pay
radhikara gane,  thakiya satata,
yugala-carana cay
(1) Situated upon the Yoga-Pitha surrounded by the eight chief gopis in a kadamba tree grove within Vrndavana with His beloved Radha is the holder of the flute the stealer of the hearts of all living beings in the universe-I lay down my life at Their lotus feet.
(2) According to the directions of my superior sakhi, I render service to the Divine Couple. I always consider myself a dependent maidservant of the lotus feet of the Divine Couple.
(3) Sometimes, out of great mercy, my sakhi holds my hand and speaks sweet words to me. Taking the betel nuts I have prepared she offers them to those two persons and accepts flower garlands for Them in great delight.
(4) By some deception They periodically disappear from my sight. Not seeing the Divine Couple of Vraja, my heart burns in agony.
(5) Wherever those two may be I am certainly a humble maidservant of Their lotus feet. I consider the ecstasies of meeting Them and the agonies of separation from Them to be exactly the same.
(6) In life or death, Radha and Krsna are my life and soul. May They always be happy, whether They choose to protect me or kill me.
(7) This Bhaktivinoda knows nothing beyond this. Falling down at the lotus feet of the sakhi whom he serves and always remaining among the associates of Sri Radhika he prays for the lotus feet of the Divine Couple of Vraja.