Ami To Cancala Mati

Govind Hare, Ami To Cancala Mati

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song“Ami To Cancala Mati” The official name of this song is Yamuna Bhavavali Song 27.This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura prays to Govind Hare that we are very unfortunate souls despite having the Hare Krishna mantra we are not taking the advantage of chanting the holy names. Our minds are continuously engaged in sinful acts. Hence pray to Lord for his mercy and shelter.
hari he
ami to' cancala-mati amaryada khudra ati
asuya-prasaba sada mora
papistha krtaghna mani  nrsamsa bancane jnani
kama-base thaki sada ghora
e heno durjana ho'ye e duhkha-jaladhi bo'ye
caritechi somsara-sagore
kemone e bhabambudhi  para ho'ye nirabadhi
taba pada-seba mile more
tomara koruna pai  taba to' toriya jai
amki e duranta-sagora
tumi prabhu sri-carane  rakho dase dhuli-sane
nahe bhaktibinoda katora
(1) Oh my dear Lord Hari! I am most fickle-minded, completely bereft of proper etiquette and extremely insignificant. I always radiate an intense effulgence of jealousy and malice. I willingly perform sinful acts, I love to do harm to my well-wishing benefactors, and I am unnecessarily puffed up with false prestige. Ferociously vicious like a barbarian, I am vastly learned in the art of deceiving others. I am always obsessed under the control of lusty motives, which are my very breath of life.
(2) Being such a sinful rogue, I am completely submerged in this ocean of material tribulation as I aimlessly wander here and there in the vast ocean of birth and death. How will I ever be able to cross over this deep ocean of nescience and enter into the eternal service of Your divine lotus feet??
(3) Only if I get Your causeless mercy, then I can certainly cross over this miserable ocean of suffering. Now, my dear Lord, Bhaktivinoda is humbly requesting You to kindly keep this servant as just one of the many particles of dust under the safe shelter of Your beautiful lotus feet… then I'll be fully satisfied.