Bhramita Samsara Bane

 Bhramita Samsara Bane , Bhaktivinoda

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song“Bhramita Samsara Bane”. The official name of this song isYamuna Bhavavali Song 13. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that we should fall at the lotus feet of Krishna the lord who is our savior. Some are very fortunate to receive the mercy of Govinda. Once they receive His mercy they realize the spiritual essence and their love for godhead increases. All misfortunes are deleted from His life and their spiritual goal is set.

hari he
bhramite soḿsāra-bane      kabhu daiba-samghaṭane
kona-mate kona bhāgyabān
taba pada uddeśiyā       thāke kṛtāñjali hoya
eka-bāra ohe bhagabān
sei khaṇe tā’ra jata          amańgala hoya hata
su-mańgala hoya puṣṭa ati
ā;ra nāhi khaya hoya      krame tā’ra śubhodoya
tā’re deya sarbottama-gati
emona doyālu tumi        emona durbhāgā āmi
kabhu nā korinu paraṇāma
taba pada-padma prati         nā jāne e duṣṭa-mati
bhaktibinodera pariṇāma



1) Oh my Lord Hari! While wandering about in the forest of this material world, some fortunate soul may be able to get a momentary glimpse of Your lotus feet just once, by some unseen influence of destiny, and he receives that visions of Your lotus feet with folded hands.

2) At that very moment all inauspiciousness becomes dissipated, and he very much relishes the nourishment of divine auspiciousness. This never decreases, for You gradually awaken his eternal well-being by bestowing upon such a fortunate soul the topmost goal of life.

3) Thus You are such a liberal and magnanimous Lord, but I have never offered my respectful obeisances unto Your lotus feet. Therefore my wicked mentality cannot comprehend anything. This is Bhaktivinoda’s resultant unfortunate position.