Atyanta Sangrahe Yara Sada

Atyanta Sangrahe Yara Sada, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati.

Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur has written a song ”Atyanta Sangrahe Yara Sada”. Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati quotes that a non devotee is one who is very selfish and avaricious. His mind thinks about everything except Shri Krishna. He remembers Madhava when he is need of material assets. A pure devotee is just the opposite of a non devotee. Hence we should associate with the devotees to get the love of Gopal.

atyanta sangrahe yara sada citta dhaya
atyahari bhakti-hina sei samjna paya
prakrta vastura ase bhoge yara mana
prayasi tahara nama bhakti-hina jana
krsna-katha chadi' jihva ana katha kahe
prajalpi tahara nama vrtha vakya kahe
bhajanete udasina karmete pravina
bahv-arambhi se niyamagrahi ati dina
krsna-bhakta-sanga vine anya-sange rata
jana-sangi ku-visaya-vilase vivrata 
nana-sthane bhrame yei nija svartha-tare
laulya-para bhakti-hina samjna deya nare
ei chaya nahe kabhu bhakti adhikari
bhakti-hina laksya-bhrasta visayi samsari
1) For over-acquisition, one whose mind does always run: avaricious non-devotee – he should thus be known 
2) One who hankers to exploit some object mundane: non-devotee, overendeavorer – as such he is known. 
3) One whose tongue speaks all but holy talks of Krsna: he is just a gossiper of insignificant banter. 
4) Apathetic to devotion, skilled in exploitation: so wretched – proud usurper of the higher devotee's position. 
5) Associates with all except Lord Krsna's pure devotees: a mundane socializer in the mud of fleeting fancies. 
6) Who wanders hither and thither for his own selfish plan: fickle-minded non-devotee – is known such a man. 
7) In these six ways, never fit to render pure devotion: bereft of love divine – fallen, materialistic person.