Krsna Saha Krsna Nama Abhinna Janiya

Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, Hare Krishna

Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur has written a song ”Krsna Saha Krsna Nama Abhinna Janiya”. He says that Krishna and His names are non different from each other. A devotee who incessantly worships Shri Krsna and takes his name with an immutable attitude is very dear to the Lord. We should associate with such a great devotee who will show us the path of spirituality.
krsna saha krsna-nama abhinna janiya
aprakrta eka-matra sadhana maniya
yei nama laya, name diksita haiya
adara karibe mane sva-gosthi janiya
namera bhajane yei krsna-seva kare
aprakrta vraje vasi' sarvada antare
madhyama vaisnava jani' dhara tara paya
anugatya kara tara mane ara kaya
namera bhajane yei svarupa labhiya
anya vastu nahi dekhe krsna teyagiya
krsnetara sambandha na paiya jagate
sarva-jane sama-buddhi kare krsna-vrate
tadrsa bhajana-vijne janiya abhista
kaya-mano-vakye seva' haiya nivista
susrusa karibe tanre sarvato-bhavete
krsnera carana labha haya tanha haite
1) Knowing Krsna and His name to be identical truth, one embraces exclusively the holy name's path and thus who is initiated into chanting the name properly should be mentally respected as a member of the family. 
2) And he who serves Krsna by constant worship of the name, within his heart ever residing at Sri Vrndavana Dhama, know him an intermediate devotee, make obeisance at his feet and keep him as a faithful friend in your thought and deed. 
3) And who, by internal service to the name, knows his divine identity, sees Krsna, only Krsna in every form and entity, seeing nothing separate from Krsna in the entire creation, he sees all souls equally serving Krsna's predilection.
4) Know such a veteran votary most honored and most cherished, serve him in thought, word, and deed, with heart's fulfillment relished with obeisance, inquiry, service, him in all respects entreat by the grace of such a great soul we can reach Lord Krsna's feet."