Gurudeva Bolechilo Kanistha Ei Saba

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has written a song ”Gurudeva Bolechilo Kanistha Ei Saba” and the Official Name for this song is ”Vrndavane Bhajana Section 21”. This song is taken from the book Gaudiya Patrika. Srila Prabhupad tells that in Kalyuga all are fallen souls and they do not seem to be bothered about their activities. He also explained about the difference between Kanistha Adhikaris and Uttama Adhikaris. Uttama Adhikari’s are those who have strong faith in Sri Krishna and they can deliver the whole world and get us more closer to Govinda.
gurudeva bolechilo kanistha ei saba
eto-dine bujhilam tanra vani rava
sastra yukte sunipuna drdha sraddha yara
uttama adhikari sei taraye samsara
patita pavana tini jagate-te khyati
e patite uddharaha tabe to sukhyati
kali kaler jiva saba patita adhama
dekhiyao nahi dekhe iha ki karama
(1) Our spiritual master said these are all kanistha adhikaris. Now, I can understand the truth of what he said that day.
(2) One well versed in the scripture and who has strong faith is an uttama-adhikari and can deliver the whole world.
(3) He is the deliverer of the most fallen and is famous through the world. Now, save this fallen one and thus become really famed.
(4) In Kali Yuga, everyone is a fallen and the lowest. They do not see what activities they are doing.