Bahirmukha Ho’ye Mayare Bhajiye

Bahirmukha Ho’ye Mayare Bhajiye , shree krishna govinda

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Bahirmukha Ho Mayare Bhajiye”. The Official Name for this song is “Ucchvasa: Ucchvasa Kirtana Guna Kirtana Song 18”. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes the false conception of material life i.e falsely thinking that we are this material body and thus are bound by this illusion. The all compassionate Krishna descends in this material world to steal our minds by playing His flute so Bhaktivinoda Thakura recommends us to worship the all attractive Krsna.

bahirmukha ho’ye,mayare bhajiye,
samsare hoinu ragi
krsna doyamoy, prapance udoy,
hoila amar lagi
(sakhi he) krsna-candra guner sagar
aparadhi jane,krpa bitarane,
sodhite nahe katar
samsare asiya,prakrti bhajiya,
purusabhimane mari
krsna doya kori’,nije abatari’,
bamsi-rabe nila hari’
emon ratane,bisesa jatane,
bhajo sakhi abirata
binoda ekhone,sri-krsna-carane,
gune bandha, sada nata



1) Becoming inimical towards the Lord, and adoring illusion, I have become madly attached to this material existence. However, Krsna is so kind for He has arisen like the sun within this material world just for my sake.

2) Oh sakhi! My dear, the moon-like Krsna is certainly an unlimited ocean of auspicious qualities! He distributes His causeless mercy to all the offenders, not hesitating to purify them and relieve them of their afflictions.

3) I have come into this false material existence, adoring the material energy as if it is fit form my enjoyment, and I am seized with the false conception that I am a male (a purusa). But Lord Krsna, showing His compassion, descends Himself and forcibly steals away all such false conceptions with the transcendental sound of His flute.

4) My dear girlfriend, just worship such a jewel-like Krsna with special care and attention. Now Bhaktivinoda admits that he is helplessly bound up to the wonderful qualities of Sri Krsna’s lotus feet. Thus, I always bow my head in great awe and reverence before those divine feet.