Janama Saphala Tara

Janama Saphala Tara ,sri krishna

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written a song ” Janama Saphala Tara”. The Official Name for this song is ” Ucchvasa: Ucchvasa Kirtana Rupa Kirtana Song 1″. This song is taken from the book Krsna Samhita .Bhaktivinod Thakura describes the beauty of Shree Krishna. Bhaktivinoda Thakura wishes to be a honey bee and serve and sing the glories Govinda. Whoever sees the beautify of Krsna with spiritual eyes their life is successful.
janama saphala ta’ra, krsna-darasana ya’ra
bhagye hoiyache eka-bara
bikasiya hrin-nayana kari’ krsna darasana
chade jiva citter bikara
vrndavana-keli catur vanamali
tribhanga-bhangimarupa vamsi-dhari aparupa
rasamaya nidhi, guna-sali
varna nava jaladhara sire sikhi piccha vara
alaka tilaka sobhapaya
paridhane pita-vasa vadane madhura hasa
hena rupa jagat mataya
indranila jini krsna-rupakhani
heriya kadamba-mule
mana ucatana na cale carana
samsara gelama bhule
(sakhi he) sudhamaya se rupa-madhuri
dekhile nayana, haya acetana,
jhare premamaya bari
kiba cuda sire kiba vamsi kare
kiba se tribhanga-thama
carana-kamale, amiya uchale,
tahate nupura dama
sada asa kari bhrnga-rupa dhari
carana kamale sthana
anayase pai krsna-guna gai
ara na bhajiba ana
(1) His birth is successful whose good fortune dawns so as to have the vision of Lord Krsna just once. When the jiva gives up all delusions of mind, then only he will see the vision of Krsnablooming within the eyes of his heart.
(2) He sees Krsna there fully decorated with garlands of forest flowers as the most expert connoisseur of all the amorous love-sports in Vrndavana. His transcendental playing wonderfully on His flute, mellows and is the abode of all form bent in three different places, He is the reservoir of all relishable virtuous qualities.
(3) By such a beautiful form He is maddening the entire universe. His complexion is like that of a fresh new rain cloud, His head is decorated with a big peacock feather, and His sandalwood tilaka on His forehead is most becoming. Wearing brilliant yellow-colored garments, He stands with His face decorated by a wide, sweet smile.
(4) Beholding Him standing thusly at the edge of a kadamba grove, I can see that Krsna's beauty is conquering the luster of an entire mine of sapphires. Seeing this, my mind has become so restless that my feet will move no longer, and I've completely forgotten about my family and home life in this world.
(5) Oh sakhi, oh dear girlfriend! Seeing that sweet form abounding in nectar, I have fallen unconscious as a fountain of tears borne of ecstatic love cascades from my eyes.
(6) What a wonderful crown upon His head! What a wonderful flute He is holding in His hand! What a wonderfully beautiful form as He stands in His three-fold bending posture! The nectar of His lotus feet is overflowing with the tinkling sound coming from the clusters of anklebells which are decorating them.
(7) Accepting the form of a honeybee, I always hope for a residence near His lotus feet. And I will get it very easily because I always sing the glories of Krsna, adoring no one else.