Sri Krsna Virohe Radhikar Dasa

 Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Sri Krsna Virohe Radhikar Dasa

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song“Sri Krsna Virohe Radhikar Dasa”. The official name of this song isSiddhi Lalasa Song 10. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that Radhe and Krishna are inseparable. Sri Radhey and Sri Krisna cannot bear the agony of being separated from each other. A true Vaishnava cannot see Them in so much pain hence he is ready to take all the sufferings of his master. Hence pray to Lord Krishna that we should always get the mercy of His lotus feet.
sri-krsna-birahe radhikara dasa
ami to' sahite nari
jugala-milana- sukhera karana
jibana chadite pari
radhika-carana tyajiya amara
khaneke praloya hoya
radhikara tare sata-bara mari
se duhkha amara soya
e heno radhara carana-jugale
paricarja pa'bo kabe
haha braja-jana more doya kori'
kabe braja-bane lo'be
bilasa manjari ananga manjari
sri rupa manjari ara
amake tuliya loho nija pade
deho' more siddhi sara
(1) Whenever Radha is suffering in separation from Krsna and I am unable to give any solace, my heart breaks for I am unable to tolerate seeing Her condition so pitiful. Then I am fully prepared to give up my life for the sake of Their happy reunion.
(2) If I were ever to give up the lotus feet of Sri Radhika, I would become totally devastated in an instant. For Her sake, I am prepared to tolerate the pain and the agony of death hundreds of times.
(3) When will I be able to serve such a divine pair of lotus feet as Radha's? Alas, I beg you all, oh residents of Vraja, please be merciful to me now! When will you take me in the transcendental forests of Vrndavana?
(4) Oh Vilasa Manjari! Oh Ananga Manjari! Oh Rupa Manjari! Please lift me up and bring me close to your own lotus feet, thus bestowing upon me the quintessence of eternal spiritual perfection!