Tuwa Pade E Minoti Mor

Tuwa Pade E Minoti Mor, Shree Krishna

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Tuwa Pade E Minoti Mor”. The official name for this song is ”Dainya Song 6″. This song is taken from the book Sarangati. Bhativinoda Thakura says now he seeks no pleasure in material desires. His only desire is to relish the pastimes of Shree Krishna and associating with His devotees. He also wishes to hear and sing Krishna kirtan.
(prabhu he!) tuwa pade e minati mor
tuwa pada-pallava,  tyajato maru-mana,
visama visaye bhelo bhor
uthayite takata,  puna nahi milo-i,
anudina korohun hutas
dina-jana-natha,  tuhun kahayasi,
tumari carana mama as
aichana dina-jana,  kohi nahi milo-i,
tuhun more koro parasad
tuwa jana-sange,  tuwa katha-range,
chadahun sakala paramad
tuwa dhama-mahe,  tuwa nama gaoto,
gowayabun diva-nisi as
tuwa pada-chaya,  parama susitala,
mage bhakativinoda das
(1) At Your feet, soft as new-grown leaves, I offer this humble prayer. Those feet shelter the fallen souls who burn from the heat of material existence. But I gave up their shelter, and now my mind scorched by the fire of worldliness, has dried up like a desert.
(2) I find no strength to go on, and thus I spend my days lamenting. My only desire now is for Your lotus feet, O Lord of the meek and humble.
(3) Has there ever been a soul as forlorn as me? Please be merciful and award me the association of Your devotees, for by tasting the pleasure of hearing your pastimes I shall give up all evils.
(4) One hope animates my soul: to spend day and night in Your divine abode singing Your holy name. Your tiny servant Bhaktivinoda begs a place in the delightfully cooling shade of Yourfeet.