Adya Samastam Sa Phalam Jatam

Jiva Goswami has written this song “Adya Samastam Sa Phalam Jatam”. This song is taken from the book Gopala Campu – Volume 2 Chapter 35 Verse 65. In this song, Jiva Goswami describes the marriage day of Lord Krishna and Sri Radharani.
adya samastam sa-phalam jatam
sri-radhaya vivahanam iha yac chri-krsnena vibhatam
tasya janani-janaka-maha-kulam api lokanam sva-kulam
api sampat-kulam api lilakulam api sa-vayah-kulam atulam
tatra bhava-kulam api sańgati-kulam api virahanam
punar api sańgati-subha-kulam api kulam avirata-sukha-nivahanam
svasru-svasura-sukhanvayam asya gasyamah sakhi kila kam
enam api pari parinayi jatam tad idam tat-kula-tilakam
Refrain: Today everything is fruitful. Today is the marriage of Sri Radha and Sri Krsna.
1) Her mother's and father's family are here. The families of all the people are here. Here are good fortune, wealth, transcendental pastimes, and Her peerless gopi friends.
2) Here are love, meeting, separation, auspicious reunion, and endless happiness.
3) How can I describe in song all the happiness Radha's marriage has brought to the king and queen of Vraja, who are now Her father-in-law and mother in-law? This marriage is a glorious tilaka mark for the family.