Keno Mana Kamere Nacao

Hari Govinda, Keno Mana Kamere Nacao

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song ”Keno Mana Kamere Nacao”. The Official Name for this song is Upadesa: Song 19. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes in this song that our minds are very lusty and we like to lament on those things which can make us fall down more into this material world. Therefore if you want to maintain a pure relation with Hari Govinda then we should follow a proper process of worshiping Govind Hare. The proper process is first develop faith in Krsna and due to faith then we develop enthusiasm for associating with devotees and then we develop true service , then the taste and attachment for Madan Mohan arises. With this we get Krsna prema and the pure essence of love arises which will never fade.
keno mana, kamere nacao prema-pray?
carma-mamsa-moy kama,jara-sukha abirama,
jara-bisayete sada dhay
jiber svarupa dharma,cit-svarupe prema-marma,
tahar bisaya-matra hari
kama-abarane hay,prema ebe supta-pray,
prema jagao kama dura kori'
sraddha hoite sadhu-sange, bhajaner kriya-range,
asakti hoite bhava,tahe prema pradurbhava,
ei krame prema upajoy
ihate jatana ja'r,sei pay prema-sar,
krama-tyage prema nahi jage
e-krama-sadhane bhoy,keno koro' durasoy,
kame prema kabhu nahi lage
natakabhinoy pray,sakapata prema bhay,
tahe matra indriya-santosa
indriya-tosana char,sada koro' parihar,
charo' bhai aparadha-dosa
(1) Tell me why, my dear mind? Why are you forced to dance by lust, and why do you think that such dancing is Krsna conscious? Your lust is simply abounding in skin and meat, and you are addicted to non-stop material sense gratification. Thus you factually spend your time in running here and there, chasing after worldly sense objects.
(2) The soul's original eternal nature is pure love within the innermost core of its spiritually conscious form, and the sole object of repose for that pure love is Lord Hari. Alas, how lamentable it is, that this inherent ecstatic love is now lying in a dormant, sleeping state due to the artificial covering of this temporary lust, My dear mind, banishing this lust to a distant place, just rouse and reawaken your sleeping prema.
(3) Only in the following sequence does pure love for Krsna awaken: First one develops sraddha (faith) in the process of Krsna Consciousness; then, due to that faith one becomes enthusiastic for sadhu-sanga (the association of devotees); then, by performance of bhajana-kriya (devotional worship) in the company of the devotees there awakens nista (steadiness in service), then ruci (taste), then asakti (attachment to the Lord); this attachment then gives rise to bhava (genuine ecstatic emotions), from which prema (pure love for Krsna) manifests its re-awakening. Only in this sequence does prema come into being.
(4) One who endeavors for this bona fide process gets the essence of pure ecstatic love for Krsna. One who neglects the proper order of this procedure does not experience the reawakening of pure prema. My dear mind, why are you maintaining the wicked mentality of apprehension and fear of this bona fide method of devotional practice? By cultivation of your lust in this mundane sphere, you will never be able to touch upon genuine ecstatic love for Krsna.
(5) So by the likes of your dramatic performance of dancing in lust, you think that this is indicative of your prema, but it is actually a deceptive, feigned imitation of prema. Thus you whole process is simply gross sense gratification. My dear brother, always reject such degraded, contemptible sense gratification, casting out this grave offense to the Lord.