Kabe Habe Heno Dasa

Kabe Habe Heno Dasa , Sri Krishna Caitanya

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Kabe Habe Heno Dasa”. .This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru (Section: Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song 9) .Bhaktivinoda Thakura talks about the different bhava he undergoes while calling out the names of Hari Krsna. He says that Navadvipa Dhama is non different from Vrindavana Dhama as in both the places Sri Krishna Lord took birth in different forms. He has performed His melodious pastimes in both the places.


kabe ha’be heno dasa mor
tyaji’ jada asa, bividha bandhana,
chadibo samsar ghor

brndabanabhede, nabaddvipa-dhame,
bandhibo kutirakhani
sacir nandana-carana-asroy
koribo sambandha mani’

jahnavi-puline, cinmoy-kanane,
basiya bijana-sthale
krsna-namamrta, nirantara pibo,
dakibo ‘gauranga’ bo’le

ha gaura-nitai, tora du’ti bhai,
patita-janer bandhu
adhama patita, ami he durjana,
hao more krpa sindhu

kandite kandite, sola-krosa-dhama,
jahnavi ubhoy kule
bhramite bhramite, kabhu bhagya-phale,
dekhi kuchu taru-mule

ha ha manohara, ki dekhinu ami,
boliya murchita ho’bo
samvit paiya, kandibo gopane,
smari dunhu krpa-laba

1) When, oh when will such a condition be mine? Renouncing all of my mundane desires which are giving rise to various types of bondage, I will give up this dark, ghastly material existence.
2) I will build my small hut at Navadvipa-dhama, seeing the land as being non-different from Vrndavana-dhama. There I will finally establish my relationship under the shelter of the lotus feet of the Son of Mother Saci.
3) Living in a solitary place in a spiritually conscious forest on the banks of the Ganga, I will incessantly drink the pure nectar of Krsna’s name, and I will loudly shout the name of Gauranga thus.
4) “Oh Gaura-Nitai! You two Brothers are the only true friend of all the fallen souls! I am the lowest of the low, most fallen and wicked-minded, so kindly bestow Your ocean of mercy upon me.
5) Thus repeatedly sobbing and calling out, I will roam all over the abode of 32 square miles, sometimes on one bank of the Ganga and sometime on the other. And sometimes, while wandering about, if I ever receive a drop of good fortune, I may suddenly glance over at the base of a tree (and behold some vision there.)
6) I will blurt out: “Ha Ha, how wonderful! What amazing thing have I seen now?!!”, and I will faint senseless on the spot. Regaining consciousness later, I will hide and weep secretly, remembering that all this ecstasy is due to receiving just a tiny speck of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai’s mercy.

Kabe Habe Heno Dasa – Sung by HG Jai Sachinanadana Prabhu