Suno He Madhu Mathana

Hari Govinda, Suno He Madhu Mathana

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Suno He Madhu Mathana” The official name of this song is Yamuna Bhavavali Song 24. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that a devotee is a servant at the Lotus feet of Hari Govinda. His service to should be immutable and should understand that Sri Krsna is the ultimate wealth and health of every living being. Absenteeism from material indulgence will give us mental peace and happiness.
hari he
suno he madhu-mathana mama eka bijnapana
bisesa koriya boli ami
tomara sebatwa mama swakiya baibhabottama
ami dasa tumi mora swami
se-baibhaba-bahirbhuta hoite hoile he acyuta
khana-matra sahite na pari
deho prana sukha asa atma prati bhalabasa
sarba-tyaga korite bicari
e saba jauka nasa sata-bara srinibasa
tabu thaku dasatwa tomara
e bhaktibinoda koya krsna-dasa jiba hoya
dasya bina kiba ache ara
(1) Oh my dear Lord Hari! Please hear me now, oh Lord Who gives honey to those who You trample upon! I am revealing this specific confession unto You. The topmost wealth of my own ultimate service attitude is this… I am Your servant, and You are my Master.
(2) Oh Acyuta, infallible Lord! I am not able to tolerate even a split second of life outside the purview of this divine wealth of Your eternal service. Therefore I have now decided to renounce everything that is near and dear to the illusioned soul such as the body, the life, material pleasures as well as all hopes for future sense gratification.
(3) Oh Residence of the Goddess of Fortune! Let all these things be neglected by me and fall into abject ruination hundreds of times; I don't mind, for I will still remain immutably fixed in Your eternal service. Bhaktivinodasays that the soul is irrevocably the eternal servant of Krsna and except for this eternal service there is no other reality.