Pirti Saccidananda Rupavati Nari

krishna prema, Pirti Saccidananda Rupavati Nari

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Pirti Saccidananda Rupavati Nari”. The Official Name for this song is Sreyo Nirnaya Song 3. This song is taken from the book Gitavali. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says what is the use of beauty and knowledge combined with mercifulness and religiosity if there is no love for Krishna. Devotional service will always get you closer to Govinda.
pirti sac-cid-anande rupavati nari
daya-dharma-adi guna alankara sab tahari
jnana ta’r patta-sati, yoga-gandha-paripati
e sabe sobhita sati kore krsna-mana curi
rupa vina alankare, kiba sobha e-samsare
piriti-vihina gune krsnae na tusite pari
vanarira alankara, sobha nahi hoy ta’ra
krsna-prem vina tatha gune na adara kori
(1) Love and affection for the nature of eternity, knowledge, and bliss is like a very beautiful woman whose ornaments are all the good qualities headed by mercifulness and religiosity.
(2) The divine wisdom of pure jnana is her silken sari, and the practice of the yoga of devotional service is her excellent bodily fragrance. Adorned by these qualities, that beautiful and chaste woman steals away the mind of Krsna Himself.
(3) lf ornaments are worn by one completely devoid of beauty, then is such a person considered to be beautiful in this world? Similarly, one possessing good qualities like mercifulness and religiosity is unable to satisfy Lord Krsna if devoid of love for Him.
(4) Just as there is no beauty to an ornament worn on the body of a female monkey, in the same way I do not hold in very high esteem qualities such as mercifulness and religiosity if they are devoid of love for Krsna.