Tomar Gambhir Mana Nahi Bujhe

Bhaktivinod Thakur,Tomar Gambhir Mana Nahi Bujhe

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written this song “Tomar Gambhir Mana Nahi Bujhe”. The Official Name for this song is Yamuna Bhavavali Song 06. This song is taken from the book Gitamala. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says about the creation , maintenance and destruction of material worlds. Shri Krsna has manifested according to His will. Everything happens because of His will and mercy. We should engage our minds in the sweet pastimes of Sri Krishna Caitanya
hari he
tomara gambhira mana nahi bujhe anya jana
sei mana anusari saba
jagata-udbhaba-sthiti pralaya-somsara-gati
mukti adi saktira baibhaba
e saba baidika lila  iccha-matra prokasila
jibera basana anusare
tomate bimukha ho'ye majila abidya lo'ye
sei jiba karma-parabare
punah jadi bhakti kori' bhaje bhakta-sańga dhori'
tabe paya tomara carana
antarańga-lila-rase bhase maya na parase
bhaktibinodera phire mana
(1) Oh, my Lord Hari! Your mind is extremely grave, and Your deep intentions cannot be understood by any other person, although all living beings are unconsciously following Your mind. The opulences of Your magnificent potencies produce the creation, maintenance and ultimate destruction of the material worlds, as well as provide for liberation from these temporary abodes.
(2) These pastimes of creation, maintenance and destruction are all described in the Vedic scripture. And You have manifested it all according to Your own sweet will, in order to fulfill the materialistic desires of certain souls. When they become averse to You, they then become drowned in the darkest ignorance within the ocean of fruitive actions and reactions.
(3) However, if one again revives his devotional service to You, and worships You in the association of Your devotees, then he can attain Your lotus feet. Thus Bhaktivinoda's mind has been changed back onto the path towards You by floating in the mellows of Your confidential pastimes, which maya is not able to touch.