Hari Hari Krpa Kori Rakho

Hari Hari Krpa Kori Rakho

Narottam Das Thakur has written this song “Hari Hari Krpa Kori Rakho”. The official name of this song is Dainya Bodhika Song 4. This song is taken from the book Prarthana. In this song, Narottam Das Thakur requests the Lord to shower his mercy and remove him from the state of material illusion.

hari hari! kṛpā kori rākho nija pade
kāma krodha chaya jane, loye phire nānā sthāne,
viṣaya bhuñjāya nānā mate

hoiyā māyāra dāsa, kori nānā abhilāṣa,
tomāra smaraṇa gelo dūre
artha lābha ei āśe, kapaṭa vaiṣṇava veśe
bhramiyā buliye ghare ghare

aneka duḥkera pore, loiyechile vraja pure,
kṛpā ḍore galāya bāndhiyā
daiva māyā balātkāre, khasāiyā sei ḍore,
bhava kūpe dileka ḍāriyā

punaḥ yadi kṛpā kori, e janāra keśe dhari,
ṭāniyā tulaho vraja bhūme
tabe se dekhiye bhālo, natuvā parāṇa gelo,
kohe dīna dāsa narottama


1) O Lord Hari, O Lord Hari, please give me shelter at Your feet.  Six men headed by lust and anger take me here and there and force me to enjoy my senses in many ways.

2) Filled with material desires, a servant of material illusion, and my memory of You fled far away, disguised as a Vaisnava, I wandered from house to house, hoping to get some money.

3) When I suffered many miseries You tied Your rope of mercy around my neck and dragged me to Vraja.  The illusory energy then forcibly untied those ropes and again threw me into the well of material existence.

4) If, grasping his hair, You mercifully pull this person from illusion’s well and place him in the abode of Vraja, he will see that as his great good fortune.  Otherwise his life will end.  Poor and fallen Narottama dasa sings this song.