Ore Mana Bhalo Nahi Lage E Samsar

Ore Mana Bhalo Nahi Lage E Samsar

Bhaktivinod Thakur has written a song “Ore Mana Bhalo Nahi Lage E Samsar“. This song is taken from the book Kalyana Kalpataru (Section: Upalabdhi: Nirveda-Laksana-Upalabdhi Song 1). Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that family, wealth, material assets will not stay for long with us. We should not run after material happiness which is temporary. There is too much of suffering in this world. Just to please our senses we keep on committing sins without even realizing the outcome of it. Hence we should take the shelter of a spiritual master. He is the one who will show us the right path and get us closer to Shri Krishna.

ore mana, bhalonahi lage e samsar
janama-marana-jara, je samsare ache bhara,
tahe kiba ache bol' sar

dhana-jana-parivar, keho nahe kabhu ka'r,
kale mitra, akale apar
jaha raknibare cai, taha nahe thake bhai,
anitya samasta binasvar

ayu ati alpa-dina, krame taha hoy ksina,
samaner nikata darsana
roga-soka anibar, citta kore' charakhar,
bandhava-bijoga durghatana

bhalo ko're dekho bhai, amisra ananda nai,
je ache, se duhkher karana
se sukher tore tabe, keno maya-dasa habe,
haraibe paramartha-dhana

itihasa-alocane, bheve' dekho nija mane,
koto asurika durasoy
indriya-tarpana sar, kori' koto duracar,
sese labhe marana niscoy

marana-samay ta'ra, upay hoiya hara,
anutap-anale jvalilo
kukkuradi pasu-pray, jiban katay hay,
paramartha kabhu na cintilo

emon bisaye mana, keno thako acetana,
chado chado bisayer asa
sri-guru-caranasroy, koro' sabe bhava joy,
e daser sei to' bharasa

1) Listen, my dear mind. I don't like this material world at all. It is simply filled with the suffering of birth, death, disease and old age. Besides all this suffering, tell me now that good thing could possibly be found here?

2) Wealth, followers and family members they can never really belong to anyone. For a time they are together, and afterwards they all drift apart. All these relationships which you would love to hold on to, none of them will remain for long, my dear mind. Oh brother, know it for sure that all these temporary things are flimsy and perishable.

3) The lifespan of one living in this world is extremely short, and even that gradually decays more and more until one beholds Yamaraja hovering nearby. Afflicted with continuous diseases and lamenting in heart-broken grief, his consciousness thus degrades more and more. Finally one meets his downfall, and he again suffers the calamity of separation from his dear kinsmen.

4) Just see here, my dear brother. Don't go for this mixed pain and pleasure of so-called material happiness, for it is actually the source of all your troubles. If this is the real situation, then why have you become the slave of maya just on account of this miserable so-called  happiness? Do you realize what you've done? If you become the slave of maya then you only rob yourself of the eternal treasure waiting for you, the supreme goal of life.

5) Just become a little thoughtful for once and reflect back on your own life story, how many demoniac temptations you were motivated by. Simply to get a little sense gratification, how many unlimitedly sinful acts have you committed? So now just see the result, the only gain in the long run is your certain death.

6) Alas! Never having once considered the purpose or goal of human existence, such a person wastes his entire life just like a dog or a pig. Then at the time of death, being bereft and cheated out of any means of deliverance, he laments bitterly and burning the fire of repentance.

7) My dear mind, so tell me why you remain stupefied and unconscious absorbed in this useless temporary sense gratification? I want you to give it up right now, and give up all hopes for future sense gratification as well. For the expectation of this humble servant is that you will be able to conquer over this miserable material existence by being firmly situated under the protection offered by the lotus feet of sri guru, your most well-wishing spiritual master.

Ore Mana Bhalo Nahi Lage E Samsar – Sung by HG Jai Sachinanadana Prabhu